Space Whale Studios
Based in Philadelphia, PA

Founding date:
November 1, 2010


Press / Business Contact:



239 Chestnut St
2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106

+01 (267) 357 8470


One-man game development studio based out of Illadelphia PA.


The Earliest of Times

In 2009, the nascent Space Whale Studios planned on making a turn-based tactics game. While doing that, they attended the Philadelphia Game Jam. Over the course of those 48 hours, they crafted the Shovelnose Screamer, and knew that something beautiful had been brought into the world. They decided to abandon the tactics game, and focus on what was called "ShovelNEXT", which was an action-puzzle game that played like the illegitimate love-child of Pac-Man and Chu Chu Rocket.

The Robots Return.

Over the course of the next 11 months, the Space Whale team worked nights and weekends on the game. Dodging responsibilities like class and actual gainful employment, the game was ready to ship in November 2010. It was to be called "Retuen All Robots". It was the action-puzzle game that they set out to make, but much more than just that. It was a labor of love, an embodiment of the creator's humor and sweat and toil, all running at 60FPS on the PC and the XBox 360. Tired, but proud, Space Whale released Return All Robots unto the world. The Whales were too exhausted at launch, and couldn't get the game any attention from the media or the gaming public.

The Dark Times

With Return All Robots failing, the Space Whales lost heart. One by one, they dispersed to the far corners of the United States. The game's source code, binaries, and installers were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. Occasionally a Facebook post or email would arrive asking "Is this game still available?". Until, when chance came, one of the Space Whales found the old files on an ancient hard drive.

Rising From The Ashes

Now that the files have been recovered, the websites have been built, and the robots have been returned, Return All Robots is available again! This time, it's free! It's not available for the XBox 360 anymore, but you can take what you can get. Space Whale Studios is back up and running again, albeit with a slightly lower headcount. As of this writing, the only current member is Aaron Chapin, who was the Lead Developer on RaR. What's next for Space Whale Studios? Only time will tell!



Epic Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "One of the Better Games on XBLIG"
      - Jon Saulnier, XBox Hornet
    • "an excellent little puzzle game"
      - Michael Ridgaway, GameCola
    • "a unique puzzle game with some descent[sic] music"
      - darkstarmatryx, Gaming Is Magic

    Download page
    The game can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE HERE. spacewhalestudios.itch.io.

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Aaron Chapin
    Lead Developer

    Jordan Santell

    Zachary Brooks
    Art Director

    Andrew Aversa
    Music, Sound Effects, Level Design

    Mike Worth

    Kevin Nyman
    Programming, Tools

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